How many seeds are in each packet?

You receive 5 packets of seeds each month. 4 of the packets are vegetables or herbs, and one is an exotic or unusual plant.

We can guarantee that what you get will always be cheaper than buying the same amount of seed by individual packet. In December the $10 package had about $17.68 worth of seeds in it.

The number of seeds in each packet varies by variety. Each packet has got what we consider a generally "normal" amount of seeds, usually a number between 200 and 500 depending on the type of plant. To get that number we look at how many seeds other seed companies are including in their seed envelopes for whatever type of plant, and kind of average that out to match it.

Side note, when I was doing research on other companies that do the subscription seed thing, one of the big complaints was that it was a shitty value for what you get, so I want to be extra sure that we don't do the same thing.

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